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Our Services

I bring over 25 years of industry experience in building and inspecting homes. My inspections are thorough and also include important tips on how to maintain your home and suggestions on dos and don’ts. A written report is handed to the buyers on site as soon as the inspection is completed. The Ottawa real estate market can be demanding sometimes and getting a same day report is extremely valuable. Being in construction an approximate cost of repairs can also be done although this can be seen as being outside of a home inspection scope but I’m here to please and want my buyers to make the most informed decision possible.

Home Inspections

I offer a series of personalized home inspection services.

Cost of inspections can very between 250$ to 500$ or more depending on the type of building and amount of units in buildings.
Payment methods can be cheque, debit, credit or e-transfers on the day of the inspection..

Pre-Sales Inspection

A home is an important and stressful purchase. Having a qualified inspector review your future new property help provide you with the assurance. Knowing what you’re getting into and how to maintain your biggest investment is crucial.

New Build Inspection

Just because it’s new doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it inspected. Having an unbiased 3 rd-party inspector can go a long way in ensuring builders are delivering the product you’re expecting and deserve.

Multi-Unit or Investment Property

Partner with us to enjoy the benefits of having us ensure your property portfolio is regularly inspected to identify issues early on.

Infrared TherImal Imaging

Is another inspection service that we offer to get an in depth view of your home.

Below are just a few of the elements we cover during our thorough inspections:

General Exterior:Grading, window wells, eavestrough, sidings, soffit & fascia, trim, roof covers, chimney, garage, steps.
Heating:Heating plant, fresh air, network, baseboard heating.
Plumbing: Service, supply, water heater, waste drainage, sump.
Structural: Foundation, roof sheathing, walls, interior support, basement water problems, roof support.
Electrical: Feed, service, panels, wiring.
Insulation: Type of insulation, attic venting, crawlspace, vapour barrier, weather stripping & sealing.
General Interior: Finish, floors, stairs, doors, window, fireplaces, fans, outlets, heat distribution, plumbing fixtures, smoke detectors and attic